My grandfather taught me the game of dice when I was 5 years old. Combinations were certain.  Chance was a part of the game.  The more times I rolled, the more I learned to make decisions faster in order to get the highest score.  Thank you Dante Valerio for that lesson!

Dice Intro

Business today requires us to play with a whole new set of dice.  Our rolls have more outcomes, each of which produce an opportunity to be addressed, a problem to be solved, or a connection to be built.

Use this game to strengthen your diffuse and focused thinking skills as it pertains to the KPIs in your organization and how multiple departments align around shared outcomes.

Play safe, and most importantly, have fun!

Doug Devitre, Author of Screen to Screen Selling

Example 3D Decisions Game board

Dice game for CSuite


Every decision supported by data means that you are consistently benchmarking where you are now vs. where you would like to be.  And at each level of the organization you have different KPIs that different roles are responsible, but rarely do these roles ask how they are aligned with one another that move the organization forward together as a whole.

For example, questions you might ask include.

  • How culture affects market share, staffing efficiency, cost per goods sold, new customers, and the number of customer complaints.
  • How the enterprise risk score affects revenue, employee turnover rate, forecast accuracy, cost per new lead, and website usability.
  • How peer ratings affect EBITDA, employee compensation, system errors, revenue per customer, and online lead conversion rate.
  • How financial solvency is affected by revenue per employee, average supplier rating, # of media mentions, and ROI per IT project.

Benefits of 3D Decisions

  • Improve your speed of decision-making.
  • Align the team on important business objectives and KPIs.
  • Uncover lost opportunities, reduce rework, and eliminate stale thinking.
  • Increase revenue and save costs by leveraging resources.

Features of 3D Decisions

  • A set of polyhedral gaming dice.
  • One 3D Decisions gaming board use for in-person meetings. Ask us about custom games for your team.
  • 3D Decisions digital template used for Screen-to-Screen meetings.

If you are interested in 3D Decisions please contact me and I will send you a set of dice and example gameboard.

We have a 3D Decisions gameboard for Associations and non-for profits too!

Dice game for Associations

Ask about how we can create a Custom Game Board for your organization.

Inquire here.

No Dice?  Use this iOS app instead.

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