A picture is worth 1000 words. A good strategy visuals will save a million.

Stop making long reports that people don’t read.

Stop enabling conversations that repeat themselves.

And learn to express yourself by creating more powerful strategy  visuals that others can quickly relate.  Here are a few that I quickly created that originated from conversations much faster than it would be to type out a summary.

Barriers and Irritants While Implementing a Strategic Plan

Barriers and Irritants Strategic Plan

Key points:

  • Plans created with the best of intentions will face resistance along the way.
  • Barriers need to be lifted in order to get the team aligned.
  • Minimize the irritants in order to move quickly.

Technical Intelligence of Real Estate Data Sources

Technical Intelligence Real Estate Data

Key points:

  • Organizations that make poor choices with technology and do not train their people how to use them effectively will soon be out of business.
  • Equipped organizations don’t always have their people trained how to use their technology effectively.
  • Proficient organizations have the best skills but don’t have the best technology.
  • Superstar organizations have the best technology and best people trained on how to use them.

Governance Map for Decision Making


Key points:

  • Organizations end up reworking many conversations because of their decision making structure.
  • Delayed decision making cost unnecessary eliminated by poor policies.
  • Onboarding time increases if it is difficult to explain the process.

Strategy for International Council

International Council Strategy

Key points:

  • Strategy falls under 3-4 main points.
  • Each segment represents a process or alternatives to consider in order to meet the objective.
  • It’s not rocket science and doesn’t require a certification.


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