Florida Realtors Pre-license Workgroup


Welcome Team!

The purpose of this group is to facilitate the discussion of whether or not to create an entity to support a pre-license initiative set forth, owned, and operated as Florida Realtors.

On this page we will help save you time in the decision making process, simplify Florida Realtors strategic initiatives, and advise the group at arriving at mutually beneficial outcomes quickly.

Here are the implementation steps:

  1. Create a shortened URL http://dougdevitre.com/frpw (mobile friendly)
  2. Assess the motivations for each individual using a survey.
  3. Gather research and procedures.
  4. Distribute the agenda and options to consider.
  5. Create process maps and decision making trees.
  6. Facilitate the discussion on March 4th.
  7. Show survey results.
  8. Provide summary and ask for final commentary
Suggested reading:

Questions to consider:

  1. What metric will define the success of this project?
  2. Is it worth risking association resources to commit to a long term business venture?
  3. How does this leverage our existing value propositions?
  4. Does this new venture compete with our key partners?

From Chairman Debbie Kirkland:

“Thank you for your time and efforts in attending the meeting at Florida Realtors for the task for which we were assigned regarding the Association’s involvement in pre-licensing programs. I appreciate your dedication to our members and the intelligence and information each of you provided in the discussion on this topic.”


“The Florida Realtors Pre-license Workgroup concluded that it was not in the best interests of the association to pursue creating a pre-license school or attempt to create partnerships/affiliate relationships extending to other pre-license schools.  This endeavor to support those entering in the real estate business pre-license is not mentioned as an objective in the Florida Realtors Strategic Plan.  The potential revenues were minimal compared to the high costs, high labor intensity, and allocation of association resources.  Furthermore the risks associated with taking on a new endeavor in which the association has minimal experience to compete with real estate schools would damage relationships with key partners would be detrimental to existing Florida Realtors’ value propositions.”

Read Final Report

Workgroup members will you please provide final commentary to the decision that you have supported?

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