A gadget is a tool that makes numbers, words, or phrases and turns them into diagrams, charts, maps and processes. There is no such term as gadget in Microsoft Excel. In Google Docs there is gadgets.

Example gadgets:

1. Map of addresses in a geographic location

2. Pie chart to show visual percentages of a certain group

3. Bar graph that reveals statistical trends

4. Line graph that indicate financial analysis

5. Translation from English phrases into Spanish phrases

Gadgets let you do more than what you can do with Excel. My suggestion is to create your data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and upload into Google Docs. Once the data is selected choose, Insert Gadget, to determine how the data will be used in the Gadget.

Use the tools you have
Use the tools you have

Your choices are to:

1. Publish gadget within the spreadsheet

2. Publish the gadget to a new worksheet

I prefer the latter.

Play with this and have some fun. You will be able to take real numbers, addresses, names, and terms and show them in a unique way that people will understand and appreciate the creativity. Don’t forget that these spreadsheets can be published within a website or a blog.

You must be using Google Docs to create gadgets.


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