Every day we consciously create the To Do List”, prioritize the order of events, and then check them off one by one without ever thinking whether or not this action is a result of our chronic mental patterns that suppresses us from critical thinking. The day list of assignments reflect all of the things that we must do, should do, or will do but when do we stop in front of the mirror and life and ask ourselves what do we want to be? Legendary professional speaker and entrepreneur, Nido Quebin, suggested that we create a “To Be List” to articulate all aspirations envisioning the ultimate person we want to become.

I thought I would share some of the things, the characteristics, and what type of person that I want to become:

1. Someone who can be trusted

2. Wise in business judgment

3. Accepted by my peers

4. Loved by my family

5. Healthy

6. Life-long learner

7. Practical

8. Motivated

9. Financially independent

10. Accountable for my actions

11. A father

12. Respected among the community

13. Involved with my family

14. A selfless leader

15. A passionate speaker

16. Well rounded

17. Responsible to the environment

18. Revolutionary

19. Sincere with friends

20. Available to those in need

As I quickly browse back the list I can see possibilities that are still a work in progress. All items are concise definitions of traits, characteristics, or qualities that I will be working on in order to groom myself into the person who I want to become. Each one of these will serve as a commitment to a vision that I see as a possibility for my life. This “To Be List” requires continuous action and reflection regularly to ensure I work to meet and exceed the standard.

And, when the time comes, when I lay down to sleep permanently and look up to the faces that look down upon me, they will be able to say that Doug was… and name one or more of the items from my “To Be List”.

Please share your to be list in a comment below.


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