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My first goal is to carefully listen to your objectives, determine the best overall metrics for your success, and contribute dramatic value to your organization in the least amount of time by proposing options that will work within your budget. Once we can establish a feasible option, I am on your team until the duration and advocate for your success.

Past clients will tell you on my Linkedin profile what you can expect in addition to this testimonial.

One client’s feedback…

We have a better game plan and an actual system in place.

We thoroughly enjoy using Air Table, because it is a one-stop shot. Everything is at our fingertips in one location.

Doug, you have opened our minds and can pull critical thinking out of each of us.

You have challenged us to think outside the box, and really enhance our Education department.

We now have a strong system in place and a play by play book for others to follow.

In working with you, we have also challenged our instructors to be more engaged, offer more information, and also give clear directions for what they will be teaching.

Working with you has shown an incredible level of professionalism and knowledge.

It has opened our minds to delve into learning new apps, new ways of instruction, streamlining, and being completely present in each process.

We renewed our agreement for another three months with you, because of the visible growth I have seen and the whole education process. We know we have much to learn and look forward to your instruction.

The way we help our clients achieve those results have been using:

  • Strategic planning facilitation to position organization for short and long-term success.
  • Ideation of breakthrough value propositions to gain competitive advantage.
  • Online campaigns to help create consumer awareness
  • Technology assessments to analyze the effectiveness of systems, tools, and software.
  • Skills assessments and training for senior leaders on using technology
  • Architecting digital solutions that supplement existing campaigns.

Contact me to have a conversation about which objective or result you are looking to achieve.

Skill Development

Health and Wellness