This video tutorial courtesy of the FREE Doug Devitre Resource Library found on demonstrates how to convert a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into a foreign language in the least amount of time. google translateThe tool Google Translate is free however the shortcuts are great using the outline view in either PowerPoint or Keynote with either Notepad for PC or TextEdit for Mac.

It is recommended that you have someone who is fluent in speaking and writing to review the slides before presenting in front of an audience to edit the grammar and the context of the message.

Zoom to full screen so you can see the details of the video. It’s located at bottom left of video.

Try Google Translate now

Google translate also has a feature that has the text available for playback in the foreign language to ensure if you were to speak the words then you have proper pronunciation.

The iTranslate Google iPhone app is also a great tool for on the go translation.

Let us know what you think of this video by leaving your comments below.  Innovative suggestions and best practices are requested so we can learn from each others experiences.


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