While in Washington DC I took cabs to get from my hotel to my business meetings.  I relied on Google Maps to ensure not only I knew how to get there but also my cab driver knew the exact path.  Funny thing was the metered cab drivers did not like my Google Maps turn by turn directions but the flat rate cab was much appreciative.

How to Create Outline of Process

Lesson learned was if my cab driver didn’t know my game plan, when/where I wanted him to turn, chances are he could have charged me more by running up the fare.   But because I shared my game plan from the strategic, operational, and tactical process we arrived on time successfully for the lowest fare.

Google Maps shows you a starting and ending point in a map once you plug in the final destination from your current location.  Think of this as the strategic process.

Google Maps shows you how far the final destination is from your location, which modes of transportation are possible, and whether there is any traffic.  Think of this as operational process.

Finally, Google Maps shows you turn by turn directions, how far is the upcoming turn, and will notify when it is time to turn.  Think of this as the tactical process.

No matter where in your organizational process you are, need to improve, or innovate follow this table of questions and assignments to help you  create the roadmap for strategic, operational, and tactical process.


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