The membership renewal deadline  “judgement day” for most associations primarily because dues is the primary revenue source.
This is a problem because budgets are prepared the year prior, not after the renewal period is over.  Associations that aren’t prepared for this go from the black to red overnight causing frantic cutbacks at every turn.

Whether your leadership is proactive or reactive you can apply a few techniques based on your existing resources.

Watch this video to learn more.


There are four possible options to decrease membership attrition:

Corrective – fixing cause before the problem happens in the future
The best solution although requires significant time and energy to pull back services, develop more effective services, and train staff to deliver to new solutions.

Adaptive – fixing the problem after it happens
Good solution if the services have high value and positive feedback from key members although may require more time to remarket services.

Preventive – remedy the problem without fixing the cause
Good solution to find out why members didn’t renew and attempt to persuade renewal however it doesn’t fix whether the services offer substantial ROI.

Contingent – remedy a problem after it happens
A membership guarantee is a good option because it instills confidence in members that they will receive value if they perform a series of activities however may be risky if the members take action and get poor results.


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