Its Either Now or Never


If you lead, manage, or volunteer for an association, organization, or company then continue reading.  Never has there been a book before written for REALTOR Associations that outlines proven ideas to save money, save time, and become more effective at communicating online.

The book “It’s Either Now or Never” fits in your pocket, purse, and your jacket. It weighs less than an ounce but offers tons.

  • Order multiple copies for your fellow association executives
  • Order for your next leadership conference
  • Order for your leadership team
  • Order as a gift

If you buy 25 copies or more I will deliver a one hour Skype session to discuss your challenges and prescribe solutions based on your input.

Final Cover Its Either Now or NeverMost books that discuss technology solutions have unfamiliar jargon, difficult to comprehend, and most people give up after the first chapter because it doesn’t connect.

This book explains the process in an easy and simple approach with links to definitions, videos, PowerPoint presentations, scripts, 15 assessments and templates which define the next steps you will take.

It offers practical solutions that have been proven for associations with less than 20 members and 1 staff to 24,000 members with 70 staff.

If you don’t think these principles apply to your group, then you are not open to change, you are ready to retire, or your ego of past accomplishments is getting in the way of the future of your organization.

Some businesses need to be shaken up a bit.  They need someone or something to challenge the way they think.

This book will do that and more.

Ways to Use this Book, It’ s Either Now or Never

Read everything in this book three times.

Download QR Scanner from for available readers.

Scan QR codes to access:

  • Doug Devitre consultsAssessments and surveys
  • Video tutorials
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Templates to save you time
  • Scripts to save you time
  • Click links on PDF book version.

Forward links from your phone to dedicated staff to access resources.

Host a staff and board of directors meeting to facilitate a discussion.

Buy copies for your leadership team.

Skype in a consultant to prioritize activities.

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