Doug Devitre Streaming Video on American Airlines flightAfter a long hectic 20 days on the road I decided to have some fun on the way home.  Since American Airlines now has High Speed Internet Access I decided to go LIVE from 30,000 feet.

I was able to login to my Ustream TV Show at www.DougDevitre.TV and broadcast views of the clouds, the people sitting next to me, and a friendly hello.  Next time I am going to bring some tape with me so that the video camera will stay in one place.  I also managed to chat with some friend on Facebook too!

Stay tuned as I will host the first ever webinar from 30,000 feet coming soon.  If you want to participate in the 30,000 feet webinar please email me and I will send you a special link.

I also made a few personal phone calls using Skype, a computer download program and wireless Logitech microphone.  Also, I posted this blog entry from 30,000 feet.


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