Thanks to Dean Hartman of Continental Home Loans, Inc., I was able to present my 6 Ways to Build Your Online Brand.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation

[slideshare id=595304&doc=6-ways-to-build-your-online-brand3-1221230541384088-8&w=425]

Here is the handout that will help you create your online social networking profile.

Are you Tech Strong?
Are you Tech Strong?
Farmingdale Cinema
Farmingdale Cinema

What was great about speaking in a movie theater was that everyone could see the screen, questions could be answered, and there was parking.  Shows don’t typicaly start until the afternoon so meeting planners, associations, and companies should consider this as an alternative in selecting a proper venue.

The challenge in teaching technology is that there are so many things to cover in such a short period of time is that we really don’t have much time do dig deep in the details.  The range of skill sets varies tremendously so we must make it make sense to the beginners and not bore the techies.

The 6 Ways included:

  • Online Social Networking – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Myspace
  • Blogging – software, RSS, reading blogs, comments, risk
  • Podcasting – software
  • YouTube – TV Channel, links, types, editing software
  • Widgets – Plugoo, WidgetBox
  • Text Messaging –, email to text message

Not bad for a one hour presentation??

You will be seeing “Doug in a Disc” Series for live video based tutorials to learn how to use these websites in more detail specific to the real estate series.


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