I couldn’t think of anything more complicated than the international real estate transaction. According to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association in its publication “Critical Role of the Realtor” there are at least 230 steps involved in one transaction. When you add extra language barriers, cultural concerns, and specialized business processes of the international transaction make it more complex.

Consider the input from the interested international investor and the output is the final transaction. There are a series of questions to determine need, explain the process, and ultimately serve the customer at the highest level. Missing components, flawed procedures, and legal ramifications must be satisfied through process innovation from each other’s best practices.

This mind map “Simplifying the International Real Estate Transaction” makes the complex easy.

Use the scroll bars, zoom feature, and have a look around the mind map and share with others.

We’ve taken the time to explain how we made the complex easy in a recent webinar for the Florida Realtors Global Alliance group.






Special thanks to Daniel Kijner, Mark Benson, Christel Silver, and Zola Zserences for sharing your expertise in the co-creation of the mind map.


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