I was in Las Vegas at the same time as March Madness and Spring Break but it was (of course) yet another business trip. We had two days (each was the same session) on how to using social media effectively in your real estate business. We stretched out a typical 3 hour class into a 6 hour class.  Can you imagine those of you that were overwhelmed by the 3 hour?  The 6 hour session was good because we were able to take more time to answer specific questions, demonstrate examples, and allow time for the objectives sink in.

Couple quick tips from presentation.

In order to create your YouTube Custom Video Players the link is http://www.youtube.com/my_players

Also, to import your blog into your Facebook Fan page:

  1. Choose edit page underneath the logo
  2. Click on edit notes settings
  3. Edit import settings
  4. Locate and copy Blog RSS feed URL
  5. Past Blog RSS feed URL into screen
  6. Confirm import

Watch this video so you can see how it is done step by step.

Here is the PowerPoint from the class

Here are some additional free handouts to download.

Use these free resources to enhance and track your social media profiles and blog:


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