It is no wonder that J.P. Weigand and Sons, Inc. has been ranked the #1 Wichita Real Estate Broker by REAL Trends for 21 years in a row. They have been in business since 1902. They have a wonderful team of positive, friendly, and experienced real estate professionals ranging from residential, commercial, and new homes.

My friend, Lynn Channer said,

This was the first time they have ever in the company’s history they brought in a national speaker.

How cool is that?

Like many, the company knows that they need to engage in social media, but it takes a spark of enthusiasm to get motivated to re-prioritize activities based on what is working and what is not. Check out this post to learn and share your experiences.

I delivered the Power Prospecting and Renewing Referrals session. This post contains the PowerPoint, handouts, and pictures below.

Here are some Downloadable Resources

Here are some of the sites they created and will start feeding content into to market their listing, communicate with the local market, and give the community a chance to provide feedback.



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