Blogging is a form of marketing, advertising and communication. It has all the features of a regular website plus allows for so much more. Anyone can create one and it is FREE. If you have a message, opinion, or information that has value post it to a blog.

Put Your Brain on Your Blog!
Put Your Brain on Your Blog!

Take your real estate blog to the next level by incorporating video, audio, PowerPoint presentation and more.

Video. You may have seen people insert video into a blog but never knew how. It is so easy that anyone can do it even if they do not know anything about websites, computer programming or website design. If you can copy paste then you can blog with video. How it is done depends on your blogging software i.e., WordPress, Blogger, ActiveRain, RealTown blogs, etc. Examples of videos could include video property tours, video testimonials, video interviews with industry experts. If you upload videos to a video hosting company like they will give you the HTML source code to copy and paste into your real estate blog. For more information check your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on your blogging software and they will tell you exactly how to do it step by step.

Pictures. Show off your properties, events, classes, and testimonials picture by picture or insert a picture playing widget similar to a virtual tour into your blog for FREE. The picture should match the written words on the blog entry. Also, each picture is its own website when uploaded to the blogging software.

Audio. Record conversations, speeches, and presentations and upload them to the blog. Some blog software already has the ability to upload .MP3 or .WAV files. I have been using which automatically inserts the audio file into my blog with two clicks.

PowerPoint. Create an account at and start uploading your PowerPoint presentations to the web. These files must be in PowerPoint version 97-2003. Once the PowerPoint has been uploaded then you can copy the HTML source code and paste into your blogging software. Once the PowerPoint has been embedded into the blog, and when published, the viewer can start clicking on the presentation on the blog without needing PowerPoint.

Documents. I have been uploading documents to Google Docs and creating links within my blog to the handouts, forms, and surveys.

MORE!!! Once you have an understanding of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), then you can start creating widgets on your blog that reveal content from other blogs, social media, calendars and status updates.

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