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Sign up for the FREE video conference on September 6th and enroll yourself in the live program at DePaul University on September 27th.

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Most technology seminars leave you overwhelmed, unprepared, and without specific answers to your questions to make technology work for you.  We won’t.  In fact, rather than adapt more technology, we recommend less.

Selling over the phone has its challenges. Conceptualizing complex problems, building a deeper connection with customers, or selling real estate doesn’t have to happen face to face either.  Sales that require a high level trust can happen remotely when the salesperson develops new skill sets with more customer-friendly sales technology.  When to share your screen is just as important as how you share it with customers.  Avoid making the common mistakes when using web conference technology with customers to increase your sales productivity and team performance with the best Screen to Screen Selling tactics.

Sign up for the FREE video conference on September 6th and enroll yourself in the live program at DePaul University on September 27th.

Curriculum includes:

  • Video conference September 6th 9:30am CST.   FREE Sign up now.
  • Live presentation September 27th at DePaul University 9:30am CST.  $55 for members, $75 for non-members Sign up now.
  • Video conference October 5th at 9:30am CST.  Included in enrollment.
  • Video conference October 12th at 9:30 CST.  Included in enrollment.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I bring my laptop and other devices to participate?

A.  Absolutely.  We recommend you download apps, visit websites, and implement what we are talking about in real time.  However we won’t help you if you get stuck.  The purpose of these sessions is to share ideas, not be your tech support.

Q.  Can I take notes on my devices?

A. Of course.  What isn’t permitted is loud typing and unmuted devices ringing during the presentations.  Be respectful during both live and video conference presentations.

Q.  Can I invite my entire office to participate?

A.  Seating is available for the first 500 participants during the video conference sessions.  Limited seating is available for the live presentation at DePaul University.  Sign up now to ensure your seat.

Q.  Can I have the PowerPoint presentation slides after the session?

A.  Yes, we do include a few pre-order slides in our presentation but most visuals are selected in real time so we cover what you want to cover.  What makes our presentations different is we share the slide annotations so you don’t have to write everything down.


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