I had an exciting trip to New Jersey last week visiting 4 REALTOR Associations in New Jersey last week with three events.  It may seem like I’m not sure what team I’m playing for but just know that when I’m hired to do a job like Brett Favre then I’m going to give it my best.
Brett Favre
I will occasionally pop by to say hi an association just to reconnect with some who I’ve mostly spoken with on the phone.  It was fun to see you Nancy M. from the RealSource Association of REALTORS and exciting to see the new plans for AEI 2011.

Wednesday kicked off the presentations with the Eastern Bergen County Board of REALTORS annual meeting.  Check out the fun pictures from the event below.  Afterward had lunch with my friend Laura R. and Rose L.  They are so awesome!  To end the day we sat down with the current and future leaders of the association and discussed new communication strategies to improve what they are doing currently.

Thursday, I journeyed over to the Forge in Middlesex County where a combined effort by the New Jersey Association of REALTORS, Middlesex County Association of REALTORS, Mercer Association of REALTORS, Ocean County Board of REALTORS and Monmouth County Association of REALTORS.  Special thanks to the staff for coordinating such a fun time. After the program we went over to the Middlesex association and helped them coordinate their social media communication efforts. Also, thanks to David F. for volunteering this time to coordinate and facilitate this service for his members.

Friday was the annual event for the Monmouth County Association of REALTORS.  They had a huge turnout filled with eager minds to expand their social media skill sets. Special thanks to Robyn S. and Eileen C. for assembling all the pieces to put together a successful event.


Home work assignments to implement what we discussed.
Revise your email signature
Social media excel spreadsheet

Finally I would like to say thanks again for David Fialk for taking me to the New York Jets Monday night football game. I must say it was the first game I’d ever sat through getting rained on but enjoyed every minute. It was an amazing time!
David Fialk and Doug Devitre


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