Wow! What a fun convention!

There is no better speaker to kick off a convention and make you laugh other than Jeanne Robertson.  She is Jeanne Robertsonone of the best at creating original humor and making us see how it affects us in the workplace.

Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves and laugh about the things we can’t change about other people.

What would you do to raise money for RPAC?  The talent show was a great fundraiser and great Bill Gallagherentertainment at the same time.  Talent show MC Bill Gallagher did a great job and could find a new career as the next Ryan Secrest.  This was my absolute favorite act not only because of the costumes but also how the act livened the audience.

It’s always fun to visit the expo because you never know what kind of fun you will have.

Here are the PowerPoint presentations from my sessions.

Home work assignments to implement what we discussed.
Revise your email signature
Social media excel spreadsheet


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