I had such an amazing time visiting my new friends in Oklahoma city and for the Oklahoma City Metro Association of REALTORS. Special thanks to @okcmar for doing a fabulous job executing an all star list of tech speakers.  I was I could have attended them all.

It was great to see Gee Dunsten, Frances Flynn Thorsen, and Dick Betts too!

Special thanks to Steve Reese who gave a great example of social networking business cards called MooCards.  This small but simple card contains all the profile URLs of his Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profile.

Special thanks to Abby Mathew who took the pictures provided below.  More about Abby at the end of this post.

Listen to the conversation that happened on Twitter before, during, and following the event.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation.

Here are some additional free handouts to download.

Use these free resources to enhance and track your social media profiles and blog:

Also hats off to Sarah Del Valle for putting together a GREEN Task Force for her association. Check out the cool reusable bags, water bottles, and the CFL lightbulbs they were giving away.

Awesome to meet Ryan Hukill, who started a Generation Next REALTOR Group.


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