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After you check the credibility of our work contact us to make sure your event doesn’t conflict with one of our existing projects.

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What is My Investment?

We can use one of our out of the box programs starting at $4,000 or customize one of our presentations starting at $5,000 to meet the specific needs of your participants.

Other factors that determine your investment:

  • Marketing assistance to promote the event.
  • Increase attendance value with bonus resources.
  • Tiered ticketed pricing.
  • Help with sponsorship acquisition.

Our popular programs include:

  • How to Work Effortlessly from Everywhere:  How to be More Productive from the Mobile Device
  • Business Relationships are About the Giving, Not the Getting:  How to Leverage Relationships Using Technology
  • Screen to Screen Selling:  How to Influence Ideas by Using Multiple Screens
  • Video Marketing:  How the Create the Right Message before Using Video as Media
  • Social Media on Steroids:  How to Choose the Right Channels to Grow Influence Online

In order to confirm a date on our calendar you must send a 50% deposit to:

Doug Devitre International Inc.
111 Westport Plaza, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63146

Other tasks to complete:

  • Select topics
  • Check A/V requirements
  • Marketing your event
  • Print bio for introduction to participants
  • Contact us


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