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Nothing can replace the value of face to face networking at social events, fundraisers, and luncheons to find clients.  After all we can see what people are like in person and make judgments whether or not to do business them or refer our friends and relatives to them.  But, the time that it takes to get ready, drive to the meeting, and them browse the crowd to meet potential buyers adds to overhead.  Also, finding clients may be tougher face to face for first impressions since trust has not been established.

Meeting buyers online is easier, efficient, and more productive because they can research agents before they initiate contact.  They can browse our entire resume, work experience, and know who we are personally before they even pick up the phone and dial.  If you have ever met someone in person and thought to yourself, “that was a waste of time”, does not exist as often online.  Buyers and sellers quickly eliminate those who do not share similar interests, friends, and lifestyles and find buyer agents who are a suitable match.  Stay tuned for more information about this hot topic


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