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If you don’t have the time to create content for your network we can help.  The depth of our expertise and delivery options allow us to create snackable learning moments customized to your brand.  We first determine your objectives, what you use to measure success, and together determine how much impact we are creating from our work together.



  • Increase # free app downloads.
  • Increase # of professional level subscriptions.
  • Increase # of customer retention on subscriptions.
  • Increase # of enterprise solutions.


  • # of downloads
  • # of pro subscriptions
  • # of enterprise solutions


  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • More software downloads increases product up-sell opportunities.
  • Increased adoption rate of product attributes decreases customer attrition upon renewal.
  • Fresh content increases customer satisfaction, brand reach from social sharing, and decreases labor intensity
  • on product marketing team.
  • Increased customer confidence from the endorsement from a commercially published author with international book distribution.


  • Act as brand ambassador or spokesperson for products.
  • Produce creative content marketing around thought leadership using the product in multiple meeting scenarios, sales situations, and customer support examples.
  • Write guest blog post to demonstrate thought leadership around using the product in multiple scenarios.
  • Print a custom book run with McGraw Hill to rewrite sections of chapters that emphasize product as the go to solution and include custom discount when signing up for the pro subscription.
  • Deliver a webinar sponsored and deliver through webinar platform directed to existing customers.
  • Host creative innovation competition with existing customers to increase brand engagement, adopt new best practices, and produce customer created content.
  • Collaborate on infographic a to synthesize data and process for how the product impacts customer use and ROI.
  • Design process maps for cross function product integration specifically for executive decision making, sales teams, and customer support.
  • Create research for specific industry segments that demonstrate the return on investment after using the product successfully.
  • Commission case studies from specific customers who have demonstrated significant success using the products.
  • Display product banner ads inside of email campaign, website, and other online media within Screen to Screen Selling campaigns.
  • Showcase specific product features in nationally syndicated radio, TV, digital, and print magazines.
  • Coordinate a group of brand ambassadors in specific industry segments to promote digital assets, subscriptions, and positive word of mouth marketing.

Benefits to working with Doug

  • You are working with the principal so there is no bureaucracy working with a complex organization.
  • 24 hour guaranteed response time.
  • Featured in leveraged media channels as the expert on using collaborative technology.
  • Accessible through multiple communication preferences.
  • Commercially published author with McGraw Hill.
  • Access to existing customers worldwide mainly in U.S. and Canada.
  • Speaks at 50 events per year contracted with clients.
  • Established social media presence with following on multiple channels.
  • Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association.
  • Certified U/X professional with Nielsen Norman group.
  • Expertise in organizational development to facilitate change management with technology as the accelerator.

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