Like any new technology when it first comes out I’m a bit skeptical…

Are you?

Are you someone who waits in line because you want to be the first to try out a device or tool or do you wait until the bugs are all fixed and then dive in?

I’m not the first person to go out and but it or the first person who rushes to write a review on how I might think it might help someone.  You might think of me as an early adopter but I’m really not.

Instead I focus on what is practical and what is applicable. What can you do as a result of the technology without flaw, hiccup, or failure.

One of the presentations I gave earlier this year Getting More Out of Your Day in 2012 discusses how to use the iPad to be more effective, more productive, and differentiate your sales presentations in the marketplace.

Check it out below and I welcome your feedback.

Google realtor ipadWhat is interesting about this presentation is if you type in Google “realtor ipad” my presentation comes up #2 in the search results behind the ipad app out of 76,300,000 other results.

How in the heck did that happen?

I did post it to Google Plus for one thing but that’s not all.

I discuss this in one of my 365 Technology Tips “One Tech Tip a Day Keeps the Extinction Away”.


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