Technology is right in the spreadsheet.  If you are using a system like the Marketing Library then it is so easy to just enter in the cells in yellow and the excel sheet does all the calculations.  Since Microsoft Excel automatically produces documents in HTML then you can send it by email in Outlook.  If it is sent in Outlook then you have emailed spreadsheet in the history folder of the recipient’s contact record.

Purchase Price   $150,000.00
Times Appreciation Rate 3%
First Year’s Appreciation $4,500.00
Monthly Appreciation   $375.00
Annual Property Insurance $900.00
Percentage – Down Payment 20%
Mortgage Amount   $120,000.00
Interest rate   6.50%
Term of Mortgage   30
Solve for Monthly Payment $758.48
Solve for Unpaid Balance after 1 year $118,658.73
Principal Reduction   $1,341.27
Average Monthly Principal Reduction $111.77
Annual Interest (interest only) $7,800.00
Plus Annual Property Taxes $1,500.00
Total Tax Deductible Items $9,300.00
Times Marginal Tax Bracket 25%
Total Tax Savings   $2,325.00
Monthly Tax Savings   $193.75
Monthly Payment (P&I)   $758.48
Plus 1/12 Annual Tax and Insurance $200.00
Total Monthly Payment   $958.48
Less Monthly Tax Savings $193.75
Less Monthly Appreciation $375.00
Less Monthly Principal Reduction $111.77
Net Cost of Owning   $277.96
Monthly Rent for Comparison $1,200.00
Less Net Cost of Owning $277.96
Monthly Cost of Renting vs. Owning $922.04
Annual Cost of Renting vs. Owning $11,064.49


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