Strategic Altering


Is your association headed in the right direction?

Many of our past clients have said we stopped them from going in the wrong direction by choosing the most effective alternative with the least amount of risk. Our critical thinking and problem solving processes will cause you to think differently about your strategic objectives and send you running in the right direction.

Receive the 30 Day Performance Campaign FREE Guide to improve performance for associations using its existing resources.

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Every day you will receive an email with assignments, metrics to improve, and guides for faster decision making and implementation.

As a result you will be able to:

  • Attract more customers and increase revenues
  • Increase adoption rate of services
  • Increase membership satisfaction
  • Increase online conversion rates
  • Decrease decision making time
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Increase effectiveness of online communication channels
  • Shorten customer service response time
  • Improve usability of the website
  • Improve the image of the brand
  • Decrease customer attrition
  • Improve employee morale
  • Increase the value of of services
  • Increase participation in leadership roles

Strategic Altering 30 Day Plan

We guarantee the quality of our work to meet your expectations.

Calendar of assignments

What’s coming up in the list of assignments used to turn your organization around?  We have provided the table of contents for you so you can see what is coming up.  Save this email as a favorite and refer back to it often.

Order of Assignments

  • [Strategic Altering Welcome] How to Use this Learning Management System
  • [Strategic Altering 1] Accepting the Truth and Discarding the Myths
  • [Strategic Altering 2] Decrease the Decision Making Time
  • [Strategic Altering 3] Business Model Toolbox
  • [Strategic Altering 4] Complete Value Proposition ROI Worksheet
  • [Strategic Altering 5] Increase Adoption Rate of Services
  • [Strategic Altering 6] Increase Value of Membership
  • [Strategic Altering 7] Setting Priorities
  • [Strategic Altering 8] Decreasing Membership Attrition
  • [Strategic Altering 9] Increasing Leadership Participation
  • [Strategic Altering 10] Increasing Leadership Participation 2
  • [Strategic Altering 11] Selling Process of Services
  • [Strategic Altering 12] Process Maps
  • [Strategic Altering 13] Take Two Timeout
  • [Strategic Altering 14] Budgeting
  • [Strategic Altering 15] Improving Image of Organization
  • [Strategic Altering 16] Improve Usability of Website
  • [Strategic Altering 17] Increase Online Conversion Rates
  • [Strategic Altering 18] Increase Non Dues Revenue
  • [Strategic Altering 19] Increase Non Dues Revenue 2
  • [Strategic Altering 20] Take a Break
  • [Strategic Altering 21] Get to Know Your People
  • [Strategic Altering 22] Improve Membership Morale
  • [Strategic Altering 23] Shorten Customer Service Response Time
  • [Strategic Altering 24] Decrease Labor Costs
  • [Strategic Altering 25] Reputation Management
  • [Strategic Altering 26] Apps You Must Have
  • [Strategic Altering 27] Simplifying Your Strategy
  • [Strategic Altering 28] Developing Key Partners
  • [Strategic Altering 29] Where to Find The Answers
  • [Strategic Altering 30] Measuring Success

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