This release form has not been written by legal counsel.  Please consult an attorney to draft a similar document to protect you from the people participating in your podcast.

March 11, 2008


RE: Podcast Release Form


Thank you again for participating in the podcast for    We appreciate the time that you have taken and expertise you will be able to share to a world-wide audience.

By participating in the creating of the podcast dated that will be displayed on you agree on behalf of your company that <Your Company> has sole rights to use the recording for marketing purposes for <Your Name>  with <Your Company>.  You have the rights to use the audio show once production has been completed in marketing on your company website, blog, or by email or any other agreed form in writing.  However, no changes are allowed to be made to the audio unless explicit written permission has been granted by <Your Company>.


Let’s get the show on the roadJ



Full Name                                 Date                                Company represented



<Your Name>                            Date                               <Your Company>


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