I’m 43.

Thomas Edison was one of my heroes growing up. Ben Franklin too.

It’s hard to imagine after investing so much money into myself, my business, and relationships in the past, I have decided after being an entrepreneur after 17 years. It’s time to throw my resume into the stack hoping it lands on top.

In my own professional growth, I added layers and depth to my skills. In most cases where a company has several specialists to perform each role, I forced myself to become the best at each one of them. And when you comb through my resume to investigate each project, there are no two alike, which is a recipe for disaster for an entrepreneur. A lesson learned and one I can share with you too.

It’s hard to write a resume when you have done so many things. There are huge wins missing from my resume because I am trying to follow the “best practices” in writing one.

Below my resume is my ideal job description. I could add more responsibilities based on my past work experience and you could easily subtract some if they are not a good fit. It all depends on what makes the most sense to you, the hiring manager.

Doug Devitre’s Job description

Our company is looking for a senior-level marketing master who deeply understands how the latest technology impacts the customer experience. It’s imperative our company remains ahead of market trends as the category leader, we uphold our high standards and live our company values with each campaign introduced to the market. This strategic solutions architect must have a track record of redefining the customer experience with technology as the competitive advantage and be able to successfully work with cross-functional teams to meet several objectives, quickly.

Basic Qualifications

  • 20+ years experience in a combination of roles in marketing, sales, talent development, and/or information technology.
  • 15+ years experience in experiential and brand marketing.
  • 10+ years in a management role supervising cross-functional teams.
  • Executive-level presence in meetings, delivering presentations, written communication, and electronic communications needed to influence internal and external stakeholders.
  • Exceptional technical skills in using multiple types of software with a voracious appetite for learning and implementing new tools for what’s next.
  • A keen eye for finding the root cause to solve complex problems and demonstrating the leadership skills necessary to solve them with active collaboration.

Requested Qualifications

  • 10+ years working in events, trade shows, and conference expos. This is not limited to coordinating the logistics with venues, negotiating contracts, public speaking, collaborating with sponsors, and expo booth setup necessary to drive customer engagement.
  • 10+ years working with internationally-minded customers with a high level of cultural intelligence.
  • Comfortable with lead generation tools and marketing funnels with strong attention to the realized user experience across multiple channels.
  • Published book(s), articles, and interviews featuring the candidate as a though leader in their respective space.
  • Extensive knowledge in building content marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, email campaigns, web-based campaigns, and working with PR firms to build customer awareness.
  • Certified AWS Cloud practitioner (or equivalent).

Doug Devitre’s Job Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize, design, and develop breakthrough value propositions that help position the company as the industry leader in its category.
  • Help the company decide the go-to-market strategy of breakthrough value propositions by identifying strategic partnerships, strategic communication channels, and internal champions who will execute the strategy.
  • Facilitate high-level meetings with cross-functional team leaders to help determine operational constraints, roadblocks to reaching objectives, and mitigate risk with careful planning.
  • Present executive summaries to the senior leadership team to identify industry trends, existing performance gaps, and opportunities for rapid growth.
  • Oversee the rollout of strategic marketing campaigns necessary for the successful launch of new products and services introduced to the market.
  • Oversee the restructuring of existing business processes along the customer journey to help optimize operational performance and improve the customer experience.
  • Oversee the on-premise event marketing and trade show campaigns that build/sustain strong strategic partnerships and relationships with customers.
  • Oversee virtual event marketing, virtual presentations, and live video communication process to ensure best-in-class communication of value propositions to customers and strategic partnerships.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of conversational interfaces not limited to chatbots, voice apps like Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant to improve the customer experience at different stages in the customer journey.
  • Oversee the hiring, training, and coaching of new team members responsible for implementing the development of new value propositions and execution of strategic campaigns.

Important Milestones

Before I earned my real estate license in 2004 (which is when most people remember my work), I started a business while at the University of Missouri-Columbia. In the year 2000, I was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year from the University of Missouri-Columbia for developing an innovative approach to resumes. My only regret then was not learning HTML, CSS, database management, and creating a Linkedin type of community. Instead, I hosted interactive resumes on custom-printed CD Roms.

I operated the experiential marketing tour driving the Bud Light Bubble Hockey truck across the United States hosting Bubble Hockey tournaments all over the United States. I produced this video using Windows Movie Maker in 2002, a task not written in my job description.

When I started selling real estate in 2004, I got involved in the community. Three years later I was awarded the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the Year and a stone was engraved in Westport Plaza. Unfortunately, the stone was removed from Westport from a recent renovation and is no longer there. The memories live on.

In 2008 is when I went full-time into developing content, courses, and seminars for real estate agents on how to differentiate themselves with the latest technology. In 2010, I was awarded the REBAC Hall of Fame from the National Association of Realtors.

I had traveled 100s of thousands of miles on an airplane delivering keynote presentations and seminars across North America and in 2013 was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association.

Before the pandemic hit in 2015, I published Screen to Screen Selling with McGraw Hill. A book way before its time.

In 2017 I became an Amazon Alexa developer. This was the first time I had wore a software developer hat and learned how to build Amazon Alexa skills, use Alexa during my keynote presentations, and built customer cross channel experiences delivered using voice app, SMS, mobile phone, and television screens.

In 2020 my son started virtual kindergarten and was bored out of his mind. In order to supplement his learning with resources and skills that his school was unable to offer, I helped him start his own learning enterprise, which was featured as a Work in Progress at Venture Cafe St. Louis. If your kids love Minecraft, I suggest you share his YouTube channel and subscribe.

In summary, there is a track record of innovation, awards, and good deeds. My days now are spent helping my son accelerate his learning, myself learning to write code, and extreme physical fitness to keep my body and mind sharp. I am confident there is a progressive firm out there that can use my skills and I am eager to meet the hiring manager who can make it happen.

There are 88 recommendations on my Linkedin profile for your review.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.



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