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Creating a profile is easy.  Making the online profile make sense is another. There are some shortcuts in online social networking that help save time and brand yourself online.  Here are seven ways to help you accomplish this task.

Take advantage of some

1.      Create Template Outline. Create one outline in Microsoft Word that includes your professional resume and personal interests.  Once the outline has been created then visit each online community and create a profile.  Each will ask for a username (your full name) and a password to get started.  Then other questions, fill in the blanks, and options will allow you to finish your profile.  Then start copying and pasting the content from the following categories:

a)      Name, business name, position, description of job, location

b)      Company contact information including multiple websites, email, and instant messaging number

c)      Work experience listed in reverse chronological order

d)      Hobbies, activities, interests, relationships, etc.

e)      Picture of self, team, or company logo

2.      Go mobile. Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube allow you to actively share messages, add friends, and communicate away from the computer.  Set up the mobile profile feature for each community and save time replying to messages from peers from your cell phone that uses text messaging.  Before enabling this feature make your phone plan includes unlimited text messages otherwise the bill can get nasty.

3.      Hire an assistant. Adding photos, events, movies and sharing of information is a form of marketing and should be the responsibility of an assistant.  If you do not have someone to help you then participation in communities will take more time thus keep you away from showing property and writing contracts.

4.      Add pictures. Buyers want to see pictures of properties, neighborhood restaurants, shopping, or anything else that matches the lifestyle of the community.  Take pictures of the area that you represent and add them to a virtual slideshow for free at www.Slide.com.

5.      Add events. If you are hosting an open house add the date, time, location, extra pictures, and video copy them to a new event using Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube.

6.      Find friends. Anyone you who have a positive relationship include family, friends, vendors, affiliates, past clients, and referral agents in other cities.  Search for these individuals in each community and add them as a friend or to your network.

7.      Ask for recommendations. If you have given good service or exceeded expectations people will be willing to say good things about you online.  It is much easier to make a recommendation online than write a letter on company stationery.


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