Excuses and reasons

The economy is rough right now…

no better time to understand your market.

I don’t have the time…

networking, education, and sharing do not impact my bottom line.

I don’t learn anything new…

I am not open to new ideas on what to or what not to do.

It is not in my budget…

if you wanted to come you could find the money you could make it work.

I am working on other projects right now…

self-education is not a priority.

Each year I have attended the annual REEA conference, several people have become great friends, mentors, and marketing partners that we continue to support one another.  If it were not for REEA I would not have the business I have created today.  The only true way of participating in any organization is showing up.

Watch this cool video

So I am saving every penny, ditching the coffee habit, and eating in more often so I can make it work.  If I can make it work then I know you can make it work.

Save your money!
Save your money!

Here is the link to the registration.


I look forward to seeing you in June.


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