You may have seen more REALTORS® taking advantage of social media and online networking but have not had time to figure out how the association can use this form of marketing, communication, and advertising to build value within the organization.  Open source and collaboration of projects allow associations to work faster and save money by delegating responsibilities to new leaders.

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  • Your leadership team including President, Treasurer, and Board of Directors
  • Staff liaisons of committees including membership, education, and finance
  • Technology committee or staff who specializes in technology
  • Young real estate professionals and future leaders

PDF Handouts Included

  • Appendix A Social Media Template
  • Appendix B – Social Media Messages
  • Appendix C – Paths of Publishing by Media Type
  • Appendix D – Paths of Publishing by Profile
  • Appendix E – Photos for Social Media
  • Appendix F – Videos for Social Media
  • Appendix G – Social Media Recommended Readings
  • Appendix H –Webliography
  • Appendix I – Tags
  • Appendix J – Copying and Pasting HTML Source Code
  • Appendix K – Social Media Liability


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