Once you determine your objective and chosen the most appropriate tactic the next step is to create process in order to map out how all of the tasks, team members, and how decisions are made and how all tasks are completed.  This can be done for the strategic level, operational level, or those who implement.

This week you will receive a blog post each day that contains the steps in the process to create a process map so that you can.  Visit the Process blog tag to see all of the posts in order.

Create the process outline

Strategic altering steps to create process

Once you have the right questions to ask and do a little homework you can create the process outline that will the roadmap to show how to get these items completed and achieve very specific results.

Choose technology to build process

There are several different technology tools besides a piece of paper you can create a process map depending on which operating system and device you may use.

Design process map

There is a path of least resistance when creating a process map once you can visually depict how inputs help you create outputs in performance from the strategic implementation of best practices.

Share process map

Once the map is created how can you securely or un-securly share this intellectual property you create.

Accountability to ensure process completion

Your visual dashboard for the execution of activities resides in the palm of your hand.  You will create a collaborative team environment who understand each other’s role and support when standards are not met.

Final note

Just like any process we have listed above we consistently re-examine our process regularly to meet the demand of our target market.


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