Most professional development providers don’t understand the value they deliver.  They take the easy way out by charging a nominal fee because they don’t know how to build and communicate value.  It is the difference between charging $20 and $200.  It’s the difference between having 10 people or 100 people in the room.

Trusting Value

If you don’t trust the value provided then chances are the audience members won’t either.

Let’s take conservative numbers for our examples.

If someone attended one program could they generate at least one transaction?  Save one transaction?  If you answered no then you have a curriculum problem, not a marketing problem.

One transaction multiplied by the % commissioned earned multiplied by the median sales price is _______________.

It could be as much as $4,000.

If I attended a seminar  I could at least save myself 2 hours per week how much money would I save/improve the quality of life?

Two hours per week multiplied by $50/hour multiplied by 50 work weeks in one year.

It could be as much as $5,000

So, if you can help someone take home an additional $9,000 and their investment was $1000 that is a ROI of 900%.

Where are you going to get that type of return in the stock market?

It is easy to fall victim to traditional thinking because you have always done things the same way or because everyone else does the same thing.  It doesn’t matter if you charge $100 or $1,000.  If you don’t trust the value you provide and can’t communicate it to others than you might just have to settle for the $10/person or poor attendance.


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