Time Management iphone

The iPhone can be a huge time saver in accessing information when you need it but also devour your time getting caught up in reactive tasks.  Email addicts, Facebook junkies, and Twitterholics know what I mean when every other minute you are wondering if someone is responding to your last update or ready to post the recent joy of the day.

Social networks and email can be seen as the bright shiny object that when captive shift our priorities on what is perceived to be the most important is in fact the very thing that will kill your day.  I know because I constantly would check everything not because there is a pile of messages but because I could check them, I would.  The very fact that the phone was with me everywhere and the social networks and email were sitting right on the home screen.

Out of sight is out of mind

What if you moved the email and social networks button off the home screen?  Would you check it less?  I did this last week and I am using the sites less from my mobile device which is a good thing.  I actually moved the buttons 5 screens over from the home just so I know it would be more work to get into Facebook, Twitter, and email.

How have you used your iPhone to save you time instead of suck the life out of you?

Watch this video if you can relate.


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