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Twitter is the second most popular social network because it’s the simplest form of communication and has the effectiveness of relaying real time events. With Twitter you can boost your reach with consumers, develop deeper relationships with your community, and demonstrate your expertise in 140 characters or less.

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Concerns of using Twitter for Real Estate

I’m still not sure how to approach it because I had my tweets going to Facebook as well and then I heard at a lecture that this is not correct in that each social network should have it’s own unique input from me. This has created a bit of confusion on my part.

How to use it effectively. I am not interested in cute twits from lots of people, so I really have no idea how to use it to increase business. I am on FaceBook, Linkedin and Active Rain and dont know what to do with them either.I am 65 and keeping up with all of this and the new online resources for REO’s etc can get overwhelming.

Download the pre-program survey to see how others are using Twitter and to listen to other concerns

Each person, business, and entity will use Twitter a different way.  There is no one right way however once you understand the foreign language of Twitter (140 characters or less) then you will be able to communicate effectively using this media.

Remember you make money by selling homes.  Make sure you have a mobile device such as an iPhone, Blackberry, or other type of Smartphone that has a Twitter application to check and make updates.

You will find your own unique way you use Twitter by modeling others postings.


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