Program Amazon AlexaHow do you build a database of people to send them your email newsletter?

How can you increase the likelihood people will receive the email?

Email marketing can be most effective when people physically enter in their email address using an online form.  Look to the right of this post to see the form I have created.  Once the questions have been answered then you will be directed to a series of pages and sent response emails in order to complete the subscription process.

The email marketing software I use is called Mailchimp which already contains pre-written text, links, and emails that can be 100% customizable.   I would suggest that  you edit each form and response email to make it your own work.

The marketing department (or outsourced virtual assistant) will need to create forms, pages, and emails that help automate the process which will save you time.  These correspondence templates act as the primary way new members will sign up for the program, confirm of their participation, and allow them to leave the program anytime they wish.

Here are the types of templates that will need to be customized.


Each form can be published as a hyperlink to be shared or embedded into a website/blog.

Example forms include:

  • Sign up form
  • Unsubscribe form
  • Update profile form
  • Forward to a friend form


Once someone enters their contact information they will be directed to an online page that announces a success for completing a form correctly and directs the visitor to more online resources.

Example pages include:

  • Sign up thank you page
  • Confirmation thank you page
  • Unsubscribe success page


Once someone fills out a form correctly they should receive an email that notifies the recipient of the next step to take in the process.

Example emails include:

  • Opt in confirmation email
  • Final welcome email
  • Goodbye email


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