If you were to go to the dentist tomorrow what is it that you do?.

  • Where he/she went to school for their degree.
  • What tools they use to extract the tooth.
  • How quickly the tooth can be pulled with the least amount of pain.

Sure each of these considerations are important but there is only one that really matters in the end.

The most frequent question I get from people I meet for the first time or that never asked up until now is…

What is that you really do?

My answer is “I don’t know.”  Tell me about what you are working on right now and I can share with you how I’ve helped others in your position.

Now why on earth would I say something like that?

It’s because if I told someone I specialized in one thing they would compartmentalize me in a category and then assume I cannot help them when I really can.  Back in 2009 when my business soared during tough economic times I was hired mainly for social media and technology in real estate.  That was my bread and butter.  However at the same time I was getting hired for train the trainer workshops, curriculum development, and business strategy among other things.  What I realized until many years later is that I was getting hired for the results, not how many hours I was there, how I communicated my expertise, or how much I really knew about each topic.

what does doug devitre do

What is most important to you as a business owner?

  • My expertise.
  • How I deliver my expertise.
  • The results you receive.

Academics say expertise.

Meeting planners say how someone delivers.

Business owners and executives say results.

I wouldn’t want to give you a list of topics to choose from because that is like going to a doctor and him/her giving you pills without asking you questions.  Instead I would ask you:

  • What are your objectives?
  • How will you define success?
  • How much value can we create for your organization by doing X, Y, or Z?

Once I know that I can help prescribe a series of options or solutions that would be a good fit.

Let me ask you a question

When hiring others to help you achieve a goal, fix a problem, or maximize your potential do you make the decision by what someone does or the end result?


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