There are people that may take advantage of the social network just to build a database to market their product or service.  If you met someone for the first time and they started pitching their business right away it can be a major turnoff.  Also, if no rapport is established early on then credibility may be sacrificed.

Here are just a few things to watch out for when friends may be taking advantage of your relationship.

Sent too many notifications. Some people spend way to much time on online social networking.  Every time they see something cool or new they have to let everyone know about it.  Others will argue that this participation is essential to building rapport.  My opinion that these notifications like,”____ has sent you a pumpkin patch”, “____ has invited to you climb a mountain”, can be major distractions from the business like communication that takes place.  If you start receiving too many notifications then it may be time to let go.

Too many commercial notices. Repeated invitations to events can seem desperate measures to attract an audience.  Since social online media is free then it is a  great way to solicit your services, but abuse of this platform can be detrimental to the friendship.  Ask those who you receive too much from to tone it down a little and your wishes are not respected say sirinara!


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