I can only imagine how challenging it must be to shift a culture overnight to maintain your operations, member services, and professional development without losing contact with your members.

You will need to define specific use cases when using Zoom video, develop a process for how you will use #screentoscreen meetings, create a policy to which establishes expectations before, during and following meetings, and train your team members on how to use the software and equipment for zoom video based upon the established policies.

Here are some use cases to consider:

Employee/ Internal Uses

Association Leadership Uses
General Membership Uses
External Association Uses
Staff Meeting
Department Meeting
Consultant/ Project Meeting
Management/ Leadership Staff Meeting


Committee Meeting
Executive Committee/ Foundation Board/ PAC Trustee/ Invite Only Meetings
Board of Directors MeetingsGeneral Membership
Committee Education

General Membership

Membership educationFree events (Facebook live)
Free events w/ Registration
Paid events

External Use Cases

Affiliate Meetings
Community Meetings
Sales MeetingsPodcast interviewsPolitical advocacy interviewsContent creation for blog and member email distribution.


Create a policy for each use case.
Keep policies as consistent as possible for different use cases.
Only introduce a new use case or activity once you have created policies
Create workflows for joining meetings on time, participation, and how to best interact with one another.
Create checklists for meeting setup.Implement training on the policies.

You can contact me at 314.582.8808 or schedule a meeting at https://calendly.com/dougdevitre


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